Space Planning

Fusion furnish works very closely with you in the space planning because we understand how crucial an office space design is and what all does it reflect about an organisation. Therefore, our project planning team works on the latest auto CAD design tools to eliminate any margin for errors.

How it works?

Our team becomes a part of preliminary discussions with you. Our experts probe you to get the maximum information which is vital ( Hours of operations, nature of work, seating preferences) for preparing the ergonomically designed furniture plans.


After understanding, we provide tailored layouts for the space designed by Auto CAD.

After doing pre-final changes to the shop drawings and office layout you freeze the Final layout and the same is put to production.

What you achieve?

Once planned before, you out rightly nullify the re- occurrences of alterations during the process of execution. Hence, saving a lot of your important time which you put to your actual nature of work.

The Ergonomically designed office furniture will increase the productivity of your employees, enhances their moral and thus the more revenues of your company.



Installation of the modular office furniture whether panel based, tile based or free play desking is a thing of great importance. If not installed properly, not only a single piece of workstation will look disoriented but the entire structure may appear haphazard. Hence, to avoid arise such issues Fusion Furnish puts in place a supervising body whose main aim is to make sure that the entire process of modular furniture installation is run through systematically and yet speedily.

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