Design Brief

HFCL required a complete board office installation. Our task was to accommodate four levels of organisational hierarchy in an open office layout plan with A dedicated zone for team leaders. Along with the above, a cafeteria facility, two meeting rooms, a conference facility, top management cabins and maximum storage opportunities were to be integrated into the office fitout proposal.

Challenge and Solution - The project architect provided us with furniture layout and detail; specific practical concerns were resolved at our end. The sunlit office floor posed a unique challenge of screen fatigue. The workstation placement layout ensured minimal exposure to direct sunlight to avoid glare strains from screen use. We created a specific cable management solution for the electrical services to simplify the multi-point electric outlets. A customised modular partition was built to house, hide and distribute the electric services with a trunking plan. Furniture details such as customised flap open fittings were featured on workstations. The HFCL office is indeed efficient.

Products We Delivered

workstation modern design


The customized workstations offer the ideal balance between privacy and collaboration with the team. Thoughtful design and wire management system allow employees to organize their space aesthetically. Privacy screens in vibrant colours provide visual appeal and an individual area for focused work. And, the perforated modesty panels aid air circulation beneath.

Our workstation can be arranged in different settings as per your office layouts. Each workstation has ample worktop allowing employees to work efficiently.


PD Desk 01

Our workstations' clean, modern design brings an exceptionally refined aesthetic to the executive workspace. Choose from a variety of material options and vibrant colours available for the partition walls. High-performance L-shaped tables have wide privacy screens for a heightened level of privacy and control that enables focused work.

Fusion Furnish workstations are semi-private inspiring spaces. High partition walls reduce distractions and give people more control over their time and work. Right table height and ample tabletop area are ergonomic features that make our workstations a comfortable place to work.



The abundant Asiento P keep your items neatly organized by offering more room than your average storage unit. This drawer and cabinet combination unit is made of solid and durable boards. The modular design features a soft closing, push-open telescopic channels and high-calibre castors. Also, you can choose to customize the subtle dual-tone laminate finishes to compliment your office interiors.

This storage unit is an excellent option with adequate space for your everyday and occasional office supplies. The unit allows you to store heavy items in floor-level cabinets and frequent access items in a drawer well within your hand reach.


office storage unit


The medium-sized modular filing cabinet combines the flexibility of covered and open shelves. Ideal for claiming high-efficiency storage in compact spaces, the unit is a one-fit-all furniture piece. The knockdown assembly ensures that your shutters are installed quickly and easily. A lockable shutter system secures your belongings and provides privacy to the storage area.

The unit incorporates ample practical storage solutions for files, documents and display-worthy items. The cabinets are designed for your needs, whether you want to add privacy to your storage or provide easy access to items.


office chair


The chairs that you sit on the whole day in the office should provide adequate support to the lumbar curve of your spine. Office chairs from the Dune series are designed to provide that and much more. The headrest and armrest for the chair are padded and can be adjusted to any height according to your comfort. These support your neck and arms and reduce the strain on your shoulder and spine.

Office chairs from the Dune series are available in six variants. They offer ergonomic features and adjustability so you can work hours together without getting uncomfortable. You can adjust the armrest, headrest, and tilt of the chair according to your sitting position. The series offers both combo and single lock mechanism variants.



The stylish and sophisticated Dekkon executive desk makes a powerful statement about your business. Contemporary design, rich material, and an elegant combination of light and dark vibrant tones set the desk apart. Dekkon features smooth laminate wood surfaces with rich texture. The desk includes attached spacious cabinets that offer enough space to store away clutter. Designed to complement your office space and company culture, the desk becomes the office room's focal point.

The Dekkon executive desk is made for multitaskers like you. A wide table top gives enough room for your documents and meetings with your co-workers. Multipurpose storage space with removable shelves allows better space management.



The office chairs are specially designed for sitting comfortably for long hours while working at the office or home. All the chairs in the series have breathable fabric and comfy backrests. Their design encourages good sitting posture that prevents problems like stiffness and pain in the lower back. Adjustable headrests and armrests let your neck and arm be in a restful position reducing the pressure on your neck and shoulder.

Adjustable height, neck rest, and armrests are some of the features that make these chairs the preferred choice. The chairs are suitable for every task or workstation. Easily raise or lower your chair to an appropriate height with the gas lift mechanism and lock it in position with the handy combo or single lock mechanism.


reception desk


Attain 02 reception desk comes with an exquisite combination of dark and wood colour laminates. The classy and stylish desk is designed to seat two staff to meet and greet your visitors and clients. Its minimal and elegant design integrates with any office décor and enhances the appearance of your business space.

Apart from the convenient two-person desk feature, Attain 02 has other practical and functional elements too. The reception desk has enough space for guests to write and sign papers and for staff to keep the office documents and devices.


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Key in your details and requirement. Our team will reach out to you.