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01 May

 How Will The Workplace Change Post COVID- 19?

As we witness India standstill with its nationwide lockdown over a month yesterday, the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases clambered and mounted the 28,000 marks on the midnight of Sunday, April 26. Maharashtra continues to lead the highest tally followed by Gujrat and Delhi. The fatality toll stands sharp at 875+. The breather is the fact that the mortality rate in India is below 3.0% vs the global fatality rate of 6.9%.
Over 1400 cases reported in the last 24 hours –India’s corporate builds its post COVID- action plan with a completely new workspace- work from the home strategy.

Amidst all speculations and assumptions, there is undoubtedly a big threat for the working Indian industry as they have not planned for such situations (honestly no industry in the world has) – Lakhs of human resource supporting the constant demand has got stranded and how does one strategize to make these tens of thousands of resources work from their home – is simply the only task that big corporate houses and market segments have to plan. Though the virus has found its ways to create a national crisis – India has at the same time maintained to flatten the curve so far by implementing resilient decisions of social distancing and the new office culture of “work from home”.

COVID-19’s Post Phase will Witness a New Work Culture of “Work from Home”

The feted and eminent decision by 79% of organizations to initiate the work culture has been highly fueled by the IT technology –which has been supporting every frontier who are managing their work from home with the moderate transformation of a corner of their home into a workspace.

Multinational establishments like TCS have a paved path for others to follow suit. They have smartly switched over to work from home culture for 3/4th of its employees. The management of the companies has witnessed it as a new possibility (an applauding decision). What lies ahead post COVID lockdown seems a long wait, hence industry experts have decided to planned and reimagined working opportunities to facilitate and go with the flow. Big enterprises, organizations, and business heads have unanimously agreed to the fact that a considerable percentage of their resource will be working from home. This will help them reduce the burden of operational costs and migrate to smaller offices and physical workstations. Comparatively a controlled overheads and maintenance costs will be embraced by all organizations in this crossroad juncture post COVID world.

As we talk about flourishing work from home concept, many employees have been considering transforming a part of their home into a permanent workstation. Be it a study room or a favorite corner, your favorite part of your balcony, a storehouse of your rooftop, any vacant space can be converted into your workstation and can be made up as your favorite compact office space.

Some of us might face space restrictions to set up the workspace whilst you plan to work from home – we assure you to furnish any area into an organized and efficient work zone, an area that will inspire and accommodate your requirements well.

Every home office should have a space befitting its vital stats- whilst we all would love to create our home workspace a bit innovative and “me space’, the important part is it should enable us to be productive. What counts here most is the high level of ‘comfort’ because how one feels working at your workspace directly impacts how you perform. Try and combine some of our ideal workspace ideas we have been assisting our patrons with, they are simply a blend of both style and function. An ergonomically apt chair complemented by a confident home office desk which of course is modular. The idea is to bring in a part of the office you have been working all these years at your home. Our supportive seating, comforting surrounding and space-friendly furniture always helps build your office sanctuary.

Our next article will focus on the upcoming avenues on how we can move forward with the apt concept of the millennium with brilliant workspace set-ups at home. Create a formal space amidst your abode.

Our years of expertise and affordable options shall willingly guide you with galore of furniture selections that will make your work from home experience exciting, exhilarating, and truly innovative.

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